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Be Active

What better way to motivate your team than by treating them to a fun, action packed, team building activity?

We have a variety of team building packages with something for everyone to enjoy! Some examples of active packages are below.

Raft building

With a little planning and advice from our expert raft building staff, teams will design, build and create their own raft racing machine! Using poles, barrels, ropes and initiative they will aim to create a raft to stand the test of their team on the water. This is a challenging and exciting activity with the group working together to build the greatest ‘water worthy’ vessel!

‘GPS’ – Urban Orienteering

Take a map, a set of clues, global satellite navigation systems and a team of individuals. To complete the course and challenges the team must work together to navigate around the grounds of Forrest Hills or the University Campus; overcoming any obstacles as you go. Your geostashing adventure will involve teams setting the pace on a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS (Global Positioning System). A great energising event to get some fresh air and get everyone moving and working together!

Adventure Treasure Hunt Challenge

Get set for the challenge on our Discoveries Treasure Hunt Event! In teams, your objective will be to head out into the local countryside, and local area of Lancaster Conferences and take part in a treasure hunt challenge with a difference! Working against a tight time deadline, and armed only with a map, an instruction pack and a digital camera teams will set out to recover clues and information around the venues and surrounding area. This event gives the opportunity to all those taking part to get out amidst nature, take in some beautiful scenery and have a lot of fun doing it. Teamwork along with a well-developed sense of humour, are essential to navigate through the grounds and successfully complete the tasks at hand.

Team Building and Problem Solving

A mix of physical and mental challenges, which can be customised to suit the needs of your team. Longer session times are available, prices on request.

Target Archery

Traditional archery is a great way to relax and improve hand-eye co-ordination. The session uses a rotation system where up to four archers shoot at a time. Each of those archers will shoot three arrows before swapping to the next group of four. There is a maximum of three groups

All-Terrain Boarding

A cross between snowboarding and skateboarding, the easiest board sport to pick up the basics, you will soon be surfing down a grassy slope, turfs up dude! Ten riders can be on the hill at any one time.

Zorb Football

Five-a-Side football but whilst wearing inflatable bubble suits, A maximum of four teams, two teams play whilst the other teams rest/spectate, let the chaos begin!

Archery Tag

A fast-paced blend of archery, paintball and dodgeball. Two teams of archers go head to head shooting each other with special foam-tipped arrows. Protective helmets/masks are provided. A maximum of four teams, two teams play whilst the other teams rest/spectate.

Pillow Bash

Balance on a beam (seated) suspended over an inflatable crash mat, use your pillow to knock your opponent down before they do it to you! Fast and furious 1v1 action.

Mountain Biking

Guided mountain bike rides for up to eight riders, a variety of locations available, from urban rides to purpose-built mountain bike trails.

Old school sports games

Get active with old school sports day style games such as egg and spoon races, sack races, tug of war, wheelbarrow races and three leg races.

We understand that events can seem daunting and we know that every detail matters. But whatever your needs, we’re here to help. If you are interested in any of the above packages or if you need anything simply get in touch.

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