Outdoor tranquil space at Forrest Hills

Be Well

Wellbeing is a fundamental part of our physical and mental health, it enables us to feel happiness, positivity and balance in our ever-busy lives. 

Our Wellbeing packages are designed with personal and corporate wellbeing in mind. Some examples of wellbeing packages are below.

Duck Herding

Want to try your hand at herding ducks? This is a great event using trained sheepdogs to herd ducks around a course and into a closing pen - all against the clock. If you're interested to know how your colleagues might cope as they begin to look like a cross between Farmer Giles and a Mother Duck, you will love this. A fantastic opportunity for you to work with animals under expert guidance!

Gourmet Bush Craft

The perfect activity to begin your immersion into wilderness bushcraft. Skills and topics covered can include an introduction to wild food, fire lighting, whittling, wood collection and preparation, ropes, string and knot tying and basic shelter building. Participants will have the challenge of setting up camp and coming together to build an open fire to cook ‘wild delicacies’ such as nettle crisps, wild garlic flatbreads and more; cooked over the (hopefully!) roaring fire. Depending on your preferences we can even have you cook an amazing ‘wild’ 3 course lunch! Throughout the session, there will be professional tuition and plenty of hands on experience in combination with clearly explained theory offing a fun, exciting and memorable event.

Wellbeing Events Wellbeing Workshops

Our wellbeing workshops offer an introduction into psychoeducation, personal wellbeing and the importance of creating an open culture in the workplace. Shifting mindsets and building these small actions into your day-to-day life can make a big difference to levels of wellbeing both in personal life and the workplace; helping individuals feel good about themselves and others and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Our workshops incorporate an introduction to mindfulness, stress and the benefits of wellbeing. There is also a practical element allowing you to experience outdoor mindfulness exercises such as the Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing). Also, mindful walking and nature-based mindfulness techniques; all creating positive shared experiences and designed with corporate wellbeing in mind. These kinds of events are a brief retreat from the stresses and pressures of the daily office’ and technologies, allowing you time for reflection and a fresh perspective. This is a great opportunity to offer your team a unique experience that will develop, strengthen and reward them, so they return to the workplace positive and renewed; a vital investment for forward thinking businesses.

Engage with Nature

Engage with Nature (with Green Lancaster) explore the area in small groups with a marked out trail with fact sheets of local wildlife, flowers and trees followed by a discussion and nature quiz. Throughout the year you can also take part in the following:

  • Free the tree
  • Planting/wildflower management
  • Maintenance
  • Tree planting (Nov-March)
  • Relax and chill with some forest bathing

All the above activities can take place on campus where you can add a range of food /drink options which can be enjoyed in the Forrest Hills barn or outside among the trees.

We understand that events can seem daunting and we know that every detail matters. But whatever your needs, we’re here to help. If you are interested in any of the above packages or if you need anything simply get in touch.

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