Bugs and Beasties Challenge

Bugs and Beasties challenge artwork

New for 2021 is the Bugs and Beasties challenge, the perfect add on package to your event or conference!

Based at our Forrest Hills venue expect a mix of trails, team building exercises and food challenges. Face your fears, test your nerve and agility, collect stars and compete for your team to be crowned the Bugs and Beasties champions.

There will be three packages ranging from extras such as creepy-crawly bug-shaped chocolates to a sensory food experience.

Packages include:

Ladybird Package – from £2.10 pp on top of day delegates rate

You will receive bug-shaped flavoured chocolates on arrival followed by a fun ice breaker activity relating to bugs and the environment.

The winning team will have the choice between two sweet treat options if they get the final questions right they win the prize.

Cockroach Package - from £6.85pp on top of day delegates rate

For this package you will receive everything in the ladybird package but you will also be served with a bugs and beasties afternoon tea including chocolate brownies with cricket flour, edible critters and much more.

Snail Package – from £263.00 for 1-30 delegates

The Snail package is a sensory challenge of taste and touch prompting you to challenge your fears by trying a selection of tasting pots such as flavoured gummies, snails and tongue. The touch challenge will involve the team being blindfolded and challenged to dip your hand in boxes with unusual content.

Please note all resources will be reusable and dietary needs will be considered.

Interested in the Bugs and Besties package? Simply get in touch to talk us through your ideas. We'll be happy to assist you all the way.

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