Wildlife Wellbeing Walks with Ros Jones

Group taking part in a wildlife wellbeing walk

Wildlife Wellbeing Walks is a Lancaster company that provides nature-based walks, talks and wellbeing activities for the local community. Founded by Ros Jones, the aim is to help people connect with nature in a mindful way, learning about the wildlife in the area and the social and cultural links we have with different species. Ros studied Botany at University and is a keen birdwatcher. She can identify many of the plant and bird species on her local patch and can recognise a good number of butterfly, bee and dragonfly species.

The events offered by Wildlife Wellbeing Walks include a varied programme of walks (dusk, dawn, and anything in between!), talks (including with guest speakers), plant identification courses and collaborative events with other local businesses and charities. Sessions can be provided indoors as well as outdoors, always maintaining a connection with nature and wellbeing.

Ros has worked with individuals, groups and local charities and is in the process of converting Wildlife Wellbeing Walks into a Community Interest Company. This will provide opportunities to access funding and reach more people in the local community. In the meantime, profits from the business will go back into the company to help fund this work.

For more information on Wildlife Wellbeing Walks please visit the website: www.wildlifewalk.co.uk or get in touch with Ros at admin@wildlifewalk.co.uk. If a Wildlife Wellbeing Walk sounds like your thing, why not incorporate it into your next event or meeting? You can do this by contacting the team.

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