About CEDA

The CED Academy (formerly Educational Development) is responsible for the design, facilitation, evaluation and support of educational practice, professional and career development of staff teaching on Lancaster University programmes.

The CED Academy offers a broad portfolio of in-person and online professional development opportunities for staff who teach or support student learning, including postgraduate taught programmes, accredited pathways, annual education conferences, networks, workshops, self-directed online resources, and pedagogic guidance incorporating examples of effective practice. The CED Academy also leads enhancement initiatives on behalf of the University, and has the expertise to support curriculum consultancy.

CED Academy Values and Principles​

  • Aligned and responsive to strategic education excellence and enhancement priorities​
  • Developmentally and intellectually valuable for individuals and the community as a whole​
  • Inclusive of colleagues from a full range of educator roles in different contexts and settings​
  • Fosters an institutional culture of career-long continuing professional development​
  • Promotes and cultivates the educational expertise of our University​
  • Creates opportunities for colleagues to engage and collaborate in their community of educational excellence for the benefit of our students​

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