Route to Advance HE recognition

Associate Fellowship, Fellowship and Senior Fellowship

If you are teaching and supporting learning on Lancaster University validated provision, at Lancaster University and its International Teaching Partners there are 3 routes to gaining Advance HE recognition, through Advancing Teaching: Lancaster Accreditation Scheme (ATLAS), by undertaking the PG Certificate in Educational Practice (PGCEP) or the Associate Teacher Programme (ATP).

This Routes to Advance HE Recognition Table will help you decide which route you may wish to follow to Advance HE recognition as a Fellow.

Please complete the Advance HE Fellowship category tool first to assist you in selecting the category of fellowship that is the closest match to your current practice.

Principal Fellowship

Principal Fellowship is appropriate for highly experienced colleagues who can demonstrate a sustained record of effectiveness in their strategic leadership, resulting in impact on high quality learning within or beyond the University, or across a discipline or profession in higher education.

CEDA offers a supportive process for colleagues who are ready to construct a Principal Fellowship claim for external peer review via Advance HE’s direct application process. Before contacting CEDA to request access to this support, colleagues are advised to engage with Advance HE Principal Fellowship guidance and the online Fellowship Category Tool.

Interested colleagues may also wish to attend a Preparing for Principal Fellowship briefing session listed under CEDA Workshops. This workshop provides an opportunity to learn more about the requirements and expectations for Principal Fellow (PF), and the steps you might take to plan for working towards PF in the future.

Please email CEDA directly if you are interested in pursuing Principal Fellowship.