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Cyber Security Education ACE-CSE

Who we are

The overarching strategy for Lancaster University’s Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education (ACE-CSE) is founded on, and driven by, three distinctive, interlinked values of social responsibility, multi-disciplinary thinking and mutual collaboration. These values provide the guiding principles by which the university, in a broad sense, delivers cyber security engagement with the local, national and international communities we interact with.

We draw on equally multi-disciplinary expertise found in the university’s Cyber Security Research Centre (EPSRC/NCSC ACE-CSR) to provide a world class knowledge base which we use to grow cyber awareness and tackle key societal cyber security challenges. Activities associated with recognition as an Academic Centre of Excellence will dovetail with Cyber Security, Security Lancaster and Cyber Security MSc.

What we do

Through our work, we seek to inspire the next generation of cyber-specialists to work flexibly and with agility, to tackle the challenges of keeping the nation and its citizens safe and secure, as cyber security increases in importance across the globe. The university is widely respected for the breadth of its research expertise, alongside the success of its longstanding NCSC Certified Master’s degree in Cyber Security.

Regionally the university has identified a significant issue with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) adoption of cyber security practices. This has resulted in it adopting a core focus of “cyber innovation” to support businesses to grow and prosper through the use of cyber security, in addition to providing cyber security education to protect themselves. Our programme supports SMEs to develop business and product strategies intertwined with cyber security, ensuring it becomes an integral part of business growth. Importantly, this programme of activity is relevant to any type of company, as we believe any organisation can derive and safeguard growth and productivity from the innovative use of cyber security practices or technologies. This programme is at the heart of business engagement activity and to date we have worked with over 300 SMEs to develop cyber innovation strategies and bring more than 30 new products to market. Further information can be found on our webpage Cyberworks.

Our ACE CSE plans for the future

We aim to sustain our significant impact in the region, working alongside the National Cyber Force located in Lancashire and GCHQ located in Manchester.

We are seeking new partnerships in order to help us grow the cyber talent and skills pipeline in the region, including the development of our business support activities to drive the regional cyber ecosystem.

We will support the wider development of our student population, by delivering course content appropriate to a range of disciplines to enhance cyber literacy. The goal is to ensure graduates from diverse academic disciplines are ‘cyber ready’ and ‘cyber literate’ when they assume roles in a wide range of professions, for example, as lawyers, historians, managers and artists.

Over the next five years, the University will grow the diversity of talent entering into cyber security careers, by launching an Executive MBA Cyber Security and BSc / MSci degrees n Cyber Security.

Just as importantly, we will work closely with our regional school community to improve awareness of cyber opportunities and career pathways, particularly in areas of the North West suffering from the effects of prolonged social deprivation.

Gold award recognition

Lancaster University is currently one of only ten trailblazing universities in the UK to hold Gold award recognition for its commitment to cyber security education under an initiative from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC): Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Education.

NCSC recognition as one of the UK’s first Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Education (ACEs-CSE) was secured on the back of the university’s first-rate cyber security education programmes and research, promoting cyber skills in its regional community, business engagement with a large number of stakeholders and a high-level commitment to an ambitious investment programme for the future.


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