The Cyber Briefing

Researchers and Experts go beyond the headlines to explain the stories, challenges and breakthroughs in cyber security.

Welcome to The Cyber Briefing, Lancaster University's Security and Protection Science Podcast, where we explore the latest developments in the world of cybersecurity and protection science. Our show features a diverse range of experts from within the field, each bringing their unique perspective to the table.

Based at Lancaster University, a world leader in cyber security and protection science, we are situated in the heart of the North West of England - a powerful hub for cyber excellence. Our researchers have come together to share their cross-disciplinary expertise, tackling problems and sharing ideas that will help shape the future of cyber security.

Each episode delves into a different perspective on the latest threats and vulnerabilities to emerging technologies and innovative solutions.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of cyber security and protection science, and discover how our experts are working to keep us all safe in an increasingly digital world.


Professor Rob Young


The task of keeping digital communications secure is one of the biggest challenges we have as a modern society, but now quantum security is bringing the power of physics into the mix to get ahead of the game– Lancaster’s Professor Rob Young breaks it down.

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Deep Fakes

The challenge of distinguishing between real and synthetic content has become almost impossible – hear Dr Sophie Nightingale explain more about the fascinating work taking place to tackle fake content online and test your own ability to hear the difference between ‘fake news’ and the real deal.

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Dr Sophie Nightingale
Professor Basil Germond

Sea Blindness

Basil Germond, Professor of International Security, and a specialist in sea power and maritime security explores the relationship between the sea, people, the environment, and states, security and defence. In this podcast he explains why it is important to stay one step ahead of the disrupters in this ‘forgotten’ space.

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Digital Signatures

Radicalisation, trolling, cyberbullying, and online grooming - Dr Claire Hardaker Senior Lecturer in Forensic Corpus Linguistics explains how researchers are taking a forensic linguistic approach to tackle some of the most hard-to-crack antisocial behaviour and online crime.

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Dr Claire Hardaker
Dr Claire Hardaker
Dr Matt Bradbury
Dr Matt Bradbury

Safe as Houses

Dr Matthew Bradbury, Lecturer in Cyber Security, discusses threats and opportunities presented by the almost forgotten devices hidden in the fabric of our buildings.

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