Elisavet Christou

PhD student

Research Overview

I am a PhD student at HighWire DTC, Lancaster University. My research is inderdisciplinary combining both Art and Computing disciplines. My research examines the conditions of art worlds online through the behavioural and social systemic characteristics of WEB 2.0.

Internet Art, Google and Artistic Practice
Christou, E. 10/07/2018 In: Proceedings of Proceedings of EVA London 2018, UK. BCS Learning and Development Limited
Conference contribution

Lessons from Internet Art about Life with the Internet
Christou, E. 28/06/2018 In: Second International Handbook of Internet Research. Dordrecht : Springer 17 p. Electronic ISBN: 9789402412024.

It's Just the Internet! Appropriation in Postinternet Art
Christou, E., Hazas, M.D. 6/09/2017 In: ARTECH2017 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Digital Arts. Macau : ACM p. 127-133. 7 p. Electronic ISBN: 9781450352734.
Conference contribution

The Digital Time of Internet Art
Christou, E. 28/04/2017
Conference paper

Art Exhibition Online: A Condition
Christou, E. 02/2016
Other contribution

Utilising games to generate awareness regarding gender inequality in parliament
Christou, E., Blaney, A., Dunn, N. 25/03/2015
Conference paper