Energy use in large cities

Energy and Society

Theme Leader

Alexandra Gormally

Dr Alexandra Gormally

Lecturer in Subsurface and Society

Critical Geographies, Energy Lancaster

A28, A - Floor, LEC 3

Within the Energy & Society theme researchers from a range of disciplines, including geography, science and technology studies, computing, sociology, and market studies, research energy-related topics. The research covers supply and demand, and environmental and social impacts and key themes such as governance, politics, justice, communities and practices.

Example projects

  • Energy demand, a well-established research theme at Lancaster University, grounded in the DEMAND Centre. This research focusses especially on understanding social practices at home, at work and moving around, which in turn generate energy use.
  • Socio-digital sustainability, including research on energy information systems to allow integration of Lancaster Universities energy supply and demand, to enable better decision support, research, and teaching around energy.
  • Governance of the subsurface, an emerging area of research, including implications for fuel extraction, energy storage and storage of waste products from energy conversion.
  • The politics and justice aspects of technical fixes to climate change and other environmental problems is a thriving area of research with an energy focus. Work here includes AMDEG, a project on whether and how implementing, or even just promoting, negative emissions technologies, might deter mitigation efforts, and what we can do to pre-empt such effects.
  • Marketized societies affect how we live our lives, so making good, sustainable, clean markets is critical. This project uncovers how managers and policy makers mobilise collective action to reconnect existing markets in new ways; to prevent waste and generate a circular economy for second life EV batteries. The tools and technologies of valuation and evaluation are central to this work.

Example publications

Theme Members

Monika Buscher

CeMoRe - Centre for Mobilities Research, Centre for Science Studies, Evaluation, Imagination Lancaster, Institute for Social Futures Fellow, Mobilities.Lab

+44 (0)7890 847166
Richard Harper

Professor Richard Harper

Professor, Co-Director of the Institute for Social Futures

Institute for Social Futures - Leadership Team, ISF Directors, Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Centre, MSF Leads, SCC (Pervasive Systems)

Katy Mason

Professor Katy Mason

Professor of Markets, Marketing and Management

CeMoRe - Centre for Mobilities Research, Networks, Knowledge and Strategy

C065, C - Floor, Management School
Mark Shackleton

Accounting, Finance, Governance and Banking, Asset Pricing and Financial Econometrics, Centre for Financial Econometrics, Asset Markets and Macroeconomic Policy, Energy Lancaster