Professor Gordon Blair

Distinguished Professor

My Role

EPSRC Senior Fellow in Digital Technology and Living with Environmental Change (DT/LWEC)

Co-director of the Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science (CEEDS), a joint initiative between Lancaster University and CEH

Member of the Digital Environment Expert Network

Selected Publications

The Role of Ontologies in Emergent Middleware: Supporting Interoperability in Complex Distributed Systems
Blair, G., Bennaceur, A., Georgantas, N., Grace, P., Issarny, V., Nundloll-Ramdhany, V., Paolucci, M. 12/2011
Conference contribution/Paper

Experiences with open overlays: a middleware approach to network heterogeneity
Grace, P., Hughes, D., Porter, B., Blair, G.S., Coulson, G., Taiani, F. 2008
Conference contribution/Paper

A generic component model for building systems software
Coulson, G., Blair, G., Grace, P., Taiani, F., Joolia, A., Lee, K., Ueyama, J., Sivaharan, T. 02/2008 In: ACM Transactions on Computer Systems. 26, 1, p. 1-42. 43 p.
Journal article

The Case for Reflective Middleware.
Blair, G.S., Campbell, R.H., Costa, F., Kon, F. 1/06/2002 In: Communications of the ACM. 45, 6, p. 33-38. 6 p.
Journal article

PARIS-DE Workshop on Rebound Effects and Digital Technology
Participation in workshop, seminar, course

  • Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science
  • DSI - Environment
  • FST Sustainability Advisory Committee
  • HighWire Doctoral Training Centre
  • SCC (Distributed Systems)