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Our People

The Research Team

Professor Richard Harper

Professor Richard Harper

Principle Investigator and Co-Director, The Institute for Social Futures.

Richard's research is on the human side of computing and asks such things as what is it people want to do with technologies - and this is not always what technologies were designed for!


Professor Nigel Davies

Co-Investigator and Co-Director of The Data Science Institute


Professor Nigel Davies
Professor Charlie Gere

Professor Charlie Gere

Co-Investigator and Professor of media theory and history at The Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts

Charlie is interested in new ways of thinking and writing about landscape and the environment, especially in the North West


Professor Jo Knight

Professor of Applied Data Science, Lancaster Medical School and Lancaster University Research Director for Eden North

Jo uses routinely collected health data to improve health outcomes and also works to catalyse other research projects which are attuned to the ethos of the Eden Project.


Professor Jo Knight
Dr Rachel Marshall

Dr Rachel Marshall

Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Lancaster Environment Centre

Rachel's work looks to link communities of practice (from farmers to policy makers) with researchers to enable us to better co-design and develop new ideas, projects and research around the future of food in our place.


Nick King

Partnerships and Impact Manager

Nick's interest is working with stakeholders and communities to identify shared interests and supporting the resulting collaborations in delivering tangible positive impact.


Nick King
Jan Hollinshead

Jan Hollinshead

Senior Research Associate

Jan’s research looks at the relationship between data, people and the places they live - the way data impacts decision making, guides change, and shapes the future.


Michael Harding

Research Fellow, Computing and Communications

Mike’s research considers how emerging pervasive technologies can be co-designed to facilitate new practice in the use and management of public infrastructures (e.g. roads, rail)


Michael Harding
Karen Lloyd
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Karen Lloyd

Writer in Residence

Karen Lloyd will be looking at ways to build affiliations with communities, ecologists and scientists and others to inform new writing about the north-west and in particular Morecambe Bay and Cumbria.


Julia Carradus

Future Places and Data Science Administrator (part-time)


Julia Carradus

Additional Key staff

Rachel Cooper

Energy Lancaster, HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, Imagination Lancaster, School of Design

Gordon Blair

Professor Gordon Blair

Distinguished Professor

Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science, DSI - Environment, FST Sustainability Advisory Committee, HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, SCC (Distributed Systems)

C15, C - Floor, Infolab
Paul Coulton

Professor Paul Coulton

Professor of Speculative and Game Design

CeMoRe - Centre for Mobilities Research, Imagination Lancaster, Mobilities.Lab, School of Design

Leon Cruickshank

Professor Leon Cruickshank

Professor of Design and Creative Exchange

Evaluation, Health Equity Network, HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, Imagination Lancaster, School of Design

Adrian Friday

Professor Adrian Friday

Professor of Computing and Sustainability

DSI - Environment, Energy Lancaster, MSF Supervisors 2019/20, SCC (Pervasive Systems)

C57, C - Floor, InfoLab21
Steven Houben

Dr Steven Houben

Visiting Researcher

DSI - Foundations, SCC (Interactive Systems)

D36, D - Floor, InfoLab21
Bran Knowles

Dr Bran Knowles

Senior Lecturer in Data Science

Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science, DSI - Society, HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, SCC (Pervasive Systems)

+44 (0)1524 522030 C54, C - Floor, InfoLab21
Amber Leeson

Dr Amber Leeson

Reader in Glaciology

Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science, DSI - Environment, Geospatial Data Science

David Leslie

Professor David Leslie

Professor of Statistics

DSI - Foundations, Statistical Learning, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

+44 (0)1524 593063 B73, B - Floor, PSC
Nicholas Race

Professor Nicholas Race

Professor of Networked Systems

Cyber Security Research Centre (Networking), DSI - Foundations, SCC (Networking), Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Academic Centre of Excellence), Security Lancaster (Networks), Security Lancaster (Systems Security)

+44 (0)1524 510123 D33, D - Floor, InfoLab21
Corina Sas

Digital Health Group, Institute for Social Futures Fellow, SCC (Pervasive Systems)

C55, C - Floor, InfoLab21