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We work with our partners and members of the public to jointly define and co-create diverse routes to different future places.

The Future Places Centre is undertaking numerous activities. each of these relates to its themes of the natural environment, the built environment and healthy living, and each is addressed in ways that combine the ambitions of the centre with its partners (such as Eden North) with communities that are interested. The Centre is always keen to welcome new collaborators as well as develop new activities under the auspices of its themes.

Current activities

  • In November 2020, the Centre convened a Measures that Matter workshop. This online event sought to explore how changes in the Bay Area might be judged, the focus of such changes and the human networks required to achieve them. Read the blog here.
  • The Centre commissioned a Call to Action video, which summarises some of the points of view relevant to change in the Bay, and how these might be addressed. The video is below.
  • The Centre is currently developing a programme of research and community engagement activities.

The first of these is a programme of ‘Cartographic Interventions, a series of creative explorations of maps about the Bay and its inhabitants. A call for these activities is now open. Further information can be found here .

A second is for a ‘A Writer in Residence’ who will join the Centre for one year to explore the role of fiction and literature in shaping how the Bay is understood and experienced. Further information and an application form will be available shortly.

Virtual walks and talks

Join us for an explanation of what makes Morecambe Bay such a special place for nature and wildlife.