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Histfest Annual Conference

Histfest is the annual conference organised by postgraduate students in the Department of History at Lancaster University.

HistFest 2019

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HistFest 2019 Presents: Exploring Historical Transitions: Space, Place, and Identity

The focus of this conference is to be on the changing dynamics of the past, and encompasses studies on space, place, identity, belonging, and the shifting landscapes of social, cultural, political and economic history.

Our aim is to act as a forum where conversation can flourish and new fruitful connections can be made. We have invited students to share their ‘research in progress’ and to receive constructive feedback from their supportive peers.

Full programme HISTFEST2019 Programme

If you have any queries, please contact histfest2019@gmail.com.

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Histfest Archive

Histfest 2016 Programme

Histfest 2015 Programme

Histfest2014 programme

Keynotes were delivered by the following scholars:

2016 Dr William Purkis (Birmingham) and Dr Peter Elmer (Exeter).

2015 Professor Ludmilla Jordanova (Durham) and Dr Claudia Stein (Warwick)

2014 Professor Keith Wrightson (Yale)