Academic Clinical Fellowships and Clinical Lectureships

Lancaster Medical School hosts two types of NIHR-funded ICAT post: Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs) and Clinical Lectureships (CLs).

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships are three-year posts that recruit junior doctors in their first three years of speciality training (CT/ST 1-3). Academic Clinical Fellows gain academic competencies alongside their clinical training and are supported through supervision by experienced clinical researchers, dedicated academic time (equivalent to 3 months per year), and an additional training bursary of £1000 per year. At Lancaster medical school, ACFs are fully-funded to complete the MSc in Clinical Research. Lancaster Medical School hosts ACFs in multiple clinical specialities including anaesthetics, public health, palliative care, paediatrics, general practice, neurology and rheumatology. Recruitment for ACF posts is managed by HEE North West; applications typically open in early October and close in early November. Details of current ACF posts and instructions for application are available on the HEE North West website.

NIHR Clinical Lectureships are postdoctoral posts that recruit junior doctors who have already completed a PhD or MD. The duration of the post is flexible according to the needs of the CL but may be up to four years. Fifty per-cent of the CLs time is spent in academic practice at Lancaster Medical School, with the other fifty per-cent in clinical training. Recruitment to CL posts is managed by Lancaster University, and posts are advertised on the Lancaster Medical School job vacancies website.