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Institute for Curriculum Enhancement

About us

The Institute for Curriculum Enhancement has been established to act as a focus for curriculum and educational enhancement at Lancaster University and its strategic teaching partnerships.

It places the scholarship of learning and teaching at its heart, harnessing the expertise and insights of colleagues within and beyond Lancaster to inform educational change and enhancement. It also aims to create a stronger community for all staff involved in learning and teaching, providing a platform for information exchange and embedding of effective practice.

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Our Mission

  • Develop an integrated approach to sharing effective practice and promoting excellence in learning and teaching.
  • Act as a forum for cross-institutional learning.
  • Provide a platform for scholarship and action research in learning and teaching, including in support of professional recognition.
  • Create opportunities for broader consultation on changes to educational policy.
  • Catalyse the development of expertise across the University in curriculum design and review.

Strategic Themes

The Institute for Curriculum Enhancement draws directly on Lancaster’s Education Strategy underpinning themes. The strategy sets out the University’s plans for excellence, explicitly recognising:

  • Four core themes of employability, internationalisation, sustainability and inclusivity.
  • The importance of student engagement in educational and curriculum enhancement.
  • Learning and teaching which is research-based.
  • Innovation in our approaches to and practice in learning and teaching.