Life at Lancaster

Meet new people from all walks of life. Find your place on our campus, in our city and community.

Two people sitting, talking and having a coffee.

The campus

As a campus university, imagine our Lancaster site as a very small, friendly town. We have lots of facilities on-site such as: a sports centre, shops, cafes, a multi-faith centre, a post office and, as you’d expect from a university, a fantastic library with fiction and academic resources.

If you’re new to the UK or have never worked for a university or any other large organisation, joining Lancaster University may seem a little daunting. But it doesn’t matter whether you’re from Malaysia, Munich or nearby Morecambe, be assured you will receive a warm north of England welcome.

Once you’ve joined Lancaster University, you’ll get to know familiar faces and places. You will soon make friends through your team, college and our staff networks and any special interest groups you might join. With over 4,000 people working for Lancaster University, from all sorts of backgrounds, in a short while you will get to know people, settle in and make lots of lasting connections.

Two muslim women are walking on campus
Gym facilities on Campus, people taking part in Yoga.

Sports and exercise facilities at Lancaster Bailrigg campus.

The city

Life at Lancaster University isn’t just about being on campus. Just 15 mins away is the city centre of Lancaster. The castle and cobbled streets hint at the city’s long history, but the independent shops, the range of places to eat and drink, cultural venues and the packed schedule of festivals covering music, literature and arts - many of which Lancaster University plays a part in - show that it is a lively place to live, work and enjoy. See local recommendations from our employees below.

Two people siting in the cinema sharing a large packet of crisps.
The Dukes, cinema and theatre in Lancaster.
Lancaster city street, the old buildings made from Millstone Grit, is filled with shops and some shopers.

Lancaster city

The location

Ideally located in the centre of the UK, Lancaster is a great base for getting around to experience some of the best cities, countryside and coastlines. As a place to live and work, compared to other cities, Lancaster has a lower cost of living, less traffic and less pollution. Combined with our flexible and hybrid working policy you’ll benefit from lower commuter stress levels and better mental health.

The lighthouse upon the Stone Jetty, in Morecambe, with the mudflats and sea in the distance.
Lancaster Castle
Derwentwater, with Catbells in the distance.

Derwentwater in the Lake District

Local recommendations

Don’t just take our word for it when we say Lancaster is a great place to live; here are just a few top recommendations for places to go and things to do in and around Lancaster that our employees want to share with you.

Transport links

Lancaster’s great transport links offer lots of choices in how you can travel to the main campus.

Lancaster Campus, with main road and motorway on either side.
Lancaster University's Bailrigg campus

By road

When looking for jobs, consider travel time rather than just distance; it’s a nicer journey and faster to get from Preston to Lancaster University than Preston to Manchester City. We have a tax-saving benefit with our low-emission car purchasing scheme, together with a reduced price for electric car parking permits. Charging points are available across our campus.

Two people at the train station, with a train, stopped at the platform.
Lancaster train station

By rail and bus

Trains from certain places, like Preston and Kendal, are frequent and fast and there are regular bus services from the station to the University. The University offers free or a 71% discount for employees travelling by bus from the Lancaster and Morecambe area as part of our commitment to more environmentally-friendly transport.

Three people cycling beside the canal.
Lancaster canal

By bike

Lancaster has a good network of cycle paths, well used by staff and students for daily commuting; you might want to consider this as a possible option for daily commuting. Electric bikes can make the journey even easier!

Find out more about all the travel options to our Lancaster campus and how we can help you travel in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.


Our local and global impact

Being part of Lancaster University means sharing in the feeling that you’re making a difference to people and places. From our campus in Lancaster, our regional partnerships in north-west England and our international partnerships in China, Germany, Ghana and Malaysia, the impact of our research, teaching and community work extends across the globe.

Find out about some of the many ways our teams are changing the world:

Research in a lab pointing towards a sample slide.
Muhammad Munir, Professor in Virology and Viral Zoonoses