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Languages for All

We are committed to giving everyone an opportunity to study a language whatever their language learning background. Our “Languages for All” offer will give you an opportunity to pick up on a language you have studied previously or start a new one. We have several years of experience in teaching students who are learning a language for the first time, as part or in addition to their degree.

Part I Language Modules

Our Part I language modules are open to minor students from other departments who wish to continue a language taken at A-Level, for their GCSEs, or who are completely new to languages (depending on availability on their degree scheme) - choose from Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian for the beginners/post-GCSE level.

You will acquire a strong base on which to build and develop familiarity with linguistic concepts and foster a ‘reflective attitude’ on how language works. This will enable you to develop your own autonomous learning strategies. Our teaching encompasses a broad range of carefully thought-through activities that develop mixed forms of learning, as well as guided independent work, and an introduction to cultural aspects in context. At the end of the first year, you can choose to add Chinese, French, German and Spanish to your degree, whereas you can continue to study Italian as a minor (depending on availability on your degree scheme).

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Extracurricular Courses

Our Extracurricular courses are open to all - students who cannot take a Part I module, colleagues & members of the public. Our courses take place in the evening, once a week during term time. Our courses are taught in person and are designed to focus on communicative skills relevant to the level of the course.

We currently offer the following languages:

  • French, German, Spanish: beginners, intermediate & advanced levels
  • Italian: beginners & intermediate levels
  • Arabic, Dutch: beginners level

Courses in Chinese are offered by the Confucius Institute. Please visit Extracurricular Classes for more details on their offer.

There are two main sessions per year, each lasting for 8 weeks: November - January & January - March (additional sessions may be offered during the summer term). A certificate of attendance is issued by the Department upon completion of the course, provided that students have attended 6 of the 8 classes.

The timetable of the sessions is published on this page mid-September for the Autumn session, and mid-November for the Winter one.

Classes will start w/c 29 April 2024 and run until June. The deadline for registration was 27 April 2024.

For specific questions about extracurricular courses, please email

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Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute offers various extracurricular classes that are open to members of the public, as well as students and staff:

  • Mandarin Language Classes
  • Lancaster Chinese weekend classes for children
  • Calligraphy & Painting
  • Tai Chi
  • Wushu
For more information visit the Confucius Institute website