Student learning Spanish

Learn a new Language

Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish may all be studied from beginner's level, either as a DeLC student at Lancaster, or as an extracurricular course. Arabic and Dutch can also be taken as extracurricular classes.

We have several years of experience in teaching students who are learning a language for the first time, as part or in addition to their degree. 

Please see the 'Extracurricular' section on the drop-down on the left for more on the language courses we offer outside of our degree schemes.

We are proud of the results achieved by our degree students who are new to languages. In your first year of study, you can study Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish from beginners' or post-GCSE level. We support new language learners by providing additional contact hours and assistance such as the use of language labs, self-access materials, virtual learning environments and online resources during your first 2 years. By the time you reach your final year you will be in the same language classes as students who came in through the advanced route, and your language skills will be comparable.

You can choose to take French, German and Spanish as your main subject at the end of the first year, whereas you can continue to study Italian and Chinese as a minor. You will acquire a strong base on which to build and develop familiarity with linguistic concepts and foster a ‘reflective attitude’ on how language works. This will enable you to develop your own autonomous learning strategies. Our teaching encompasses a broad range of carefully thought through activities that develop mixed forms of learning, as well as guided independent work, and an introduction to cultural aspects in context.