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Applying from Overseas

We have a diverse student and staff population here at Lancaster welcoming staff from all over the world and currently employ people from over 70 countries.

International staff constitute over one third of our academic staff, while international students, from one hundred countries, form well over half of our graduate school.

If you are not a UK/Irish national, you may require permission to work and live in the UK.

To check if you need permission, please see UK Immigration Guideline Below.

If you require a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), (previously Work Permit) under the UK Immigration Points-Based System (PBS) Lancaster University may apply for this on your behalf. However, only certain vacancies are eligible for a CoS and you will be advised when applying if it is unlikely that permission to work would be granted by UK Visa and Immigation.

Please remember that the final decision as to whether you can live and work in the UK is made by UK Visa and Immigration.