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‘Delivering responsible procurement, providing excellent service and a positive impact locally and globally’

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The role of the procurement team is to manage the university's expenditure with external suppliers. This includes sourcing, tendering, contracting and supplier management. The team is responsible for operational procurement, order processing and invoice payment. The travel team also sit within procurement.

Global Supply Chain Issues

Please be aware that we are experiencing very long lead times as a result of global supply chain issues and increased demand. Laptops, PCs, Tablets, Mobile phones, PPE and Gases are particularly affected. If you place an order for any of these items please check that stock is available. When ordering Laptops, Tablets or Mobile Phones, the lead times quoted are subject to change and cannot be relied on at present. We encourage you to order alternatives that are in stock and to avoid configure to order products if items are needed in a timely manner. 

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Brexit Delays. Have you added Duty and VAT charges to your purchase request?

As a result of Brexit, there are delays to all goods coming into the UK, from EU and non-EU destinations.

Goods ordered from EU countries are now subject to duty, additional courier charges and VAT. These costs are not generally included on supplier price lists, please check when getting quotes and add all additional charges to your purchase request. Without these additional costs on your purchase request, there may be delays in placing orders, delivery and paying invoices. Some couriers are holding items at ports until all costs are paid. For the small number of staff purchasing medical equipment and charity advertising that is zero-rated VAT, the National Import Relief Unit (NIRU) which issues the required exemption certificates is currently experiencing a 3 week delay, directly impacting all imports of this type.

We would expect current issues to ease over time. If you require advice please contact Tina Bleasdale. If you are concerned about delay to the delivery of an essential item, please contact Angela Wearden to add it to a list of critical items.

Sustainable Procurement

Lancaster University is committed to creating Framework Agreements and Contracts that promote ethical and sustainable procurement activity. For Lancaster University, Sustainable Procurement supports wider social, economic and environmental objectives in ways that offer real long term benefits and helps us to achieve our goal of delivering value for money for the institution.

Sustainable Procurement