Information for Suppliers

Welcome to Lancaster University's Procurement information page for Suppliers. Within this section you should be able to find information with regards to accounts payable and how to access the University's tendering system.

With effect from 1 August 2018, the University has reviewed its governance and income and determined that it is not a 'contracting authority' for the purposes of the EU public procurement regime (Directives 2014/24/EU and 2014/23/EU as implemented in the UK by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the Concession Contracts Regulations 2016). However, in certain circumstances, the University reserves the right to voluntarily (from time to time at its own discretion) undertake some concession and procurement exercises in accordance with the EU public procurement regime (as implemented in the UK by the above-mentioned Regulations).

How does the University select suppliers?

There are no ‘approved supplier lists’.

The University chooses its suppliers in line with its Financial Regulations. This includes requesting quotations or competitive tendering at higher values. We put in place contracts or use longer term framework agreements for our goods, services and work.

Where an opportunity is tendered, this will typically be advertised on our Intend tender portal and the Government's Contracts Finder website.

How to become a supplier to the University

  • Find opportunities in Contracts finder, and follow the instructions.
  • Find opportunities (generally over £50,000) on Intend (the University's electronic tendering portal), and follow the instructions (see below).
  • Register on our tendering portal, and choose the best business categories that fit your area of interest. The system will automatically notify you when tender opportunities are published that match your business categories.

Framework agreements

The University sources many of its requirements from pre-existing framework agreements. These agreements have already undergone a tender process and eligible users like the University can call off contracts from the suppliers on the framework. These agreements are put in place by other organisations. Links to further information on the most commonly used frameworks and how to tender for them are on the organisations’ websites:

Terms and conditions of purchase

The University buys on its terms and conditions. The main examples are listed here:

Our terms and conditions already agree to pay invoices 30 days after receiving a correctly presented invoice.

Invoicing the University

To receive payments you need to send your invoices (PDF format) to:

Your invoice MUST quote a valid purchase order number. Please see our terms and conditions of purchase for our payment terms. Our weekly BACS run is carried out on a Monday and funds clear in your accounts on Thursday. Remittance advices are sent electronically. Please note there may be disruption to payments around public bank holidays, particularly over the Christmas period when the University closes for several days.

Any further questions?

If you have any questions please contact

Fraudulent Purchase Orders

If you are ever unsure about a quotation request sent by email and purporting to come from Lancaster University, or the subsequent purchase order, please contact the Procurement Department. In addition, further information on financial fraud is available here -

IR35 Tax Regulation and Off-Payroll Workers

We are responsible for making sure that individuals working with us through their own limited company (known as a personal service company or PSC) pay the right amount of tax and NI. If you are a personal service company and believe you are affected by the IR35 rules, please tell your contact at the University before you start delivering services.

Understanding Off Payroll Working (

Practical and contractual considerations around IR35 (PWC)


Lancaster University's chosen tendering software is Intend, invitation to tenders are conducted through this system as well as all communication regarding them. Setting yourself up as a supplier should take around 5 minutes, this will allow you to register an interest in a tender and view all the documents relating to it. Please visit our tenders homepage. We advise potential bidders to also register on the Government's Contracts Finder website as, on occasion, tenders may only be advertised here.

For any issues regarding our tenders or Intend please contact the relevant person below: