Dr Joanna Kostka

Lecturer in Social Work

Research Interests

My research interests include EU public policy (European integration, equality policy, cohesion policy), minority issues (with specific focus on Roma inclusion) theories of migration, participatory action research, community development, social movements and postcolonial studies

My work has appeared in Social Inclusion Journal "Implementation of Roma Inclusion Policies: Why Defining the Problem Matters", http://www.cogitatiopress.com/ojs/index.php/socialinclusion/article/view/231 European Education Research Journal Vol 13, Issue 3, 2014 "Structural Dimensions of Roma School Desegregation Policies in Central and Eastern Europe" co-authored with Iulius Rostas, Roma Rights Journal "National Roma integration strategy:do good intentions fail?" http://www.errc.org/article/roma-rights-2013-national-roma-integration-strategies-what-next/4238/5

I collaborated on numerous international research projects including: Horizon 2020 TransCrisis Project "Enhancing the EU’s transboundary crisis management capacity", ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs "Social Enterprise as an Engine for Social Inclusion", Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion (LERI), Mutual Action Targeting Racism, Intolerance and Xenophobia (Roma Matrix), "A Good Start" Project.

I worked with different research centers, policy conslutancy and advocacy institutions including: Center for Policy Studies Central European University- Budapest Hungary, SciencesPo Centre of European Studies- Paris France, EPIC Non-For-Profit Organization - Bratislava Slovakia, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis, Roma Education Fund - Budapest Hungary, CEU Roma Access Programme - Budapest Hungary, Open Society Institute - Budapest Hungary, NOMADA Association - Wroclaw Poland

Curently I teach MA1 Module Social Devisions and Social Diversity (SWK.421) and BA1 Contemporary Social Problems (SWK. 116)

Financing Roma Inclusion with European Structural Funds: Why Good Intentions Fail
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Modes of knowledge production in the study of radical urban movements
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Journal article

Implementation of Roma inclusion policies: why defining the problem matters
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Journal article

Romowie w Europie
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Romowie w Europie - integracja czy asymilacja?
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Country Report: Poland
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Journal article

National Roma integration strategy: do good intentions fail?
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Journal article

A good start: EU structural funds and early childhood education and care for marginalized Romani communities, 2014-2020
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