An amazing placement year at Warner Media - Julia Uryga

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For the first time, I heard about Warner Media placement opportunities at the beginning of my first year and since then I have been entirely convinced that I wanted to do my internship in this company. I have always dreamt about working for a company in the creative or film industry. Hence since my first year, I have been very determined and motivated to gain as much as I can of the experience which could be potentially helpful when applying for placements a year later. It definitely helped me to get through very long and complex recruitment process. It lasted overall 5 months and consisted of three stages. For the first stage that took place in November, I submitted a written application in the form of a cover letter and CV. I then became shortlisted to the second stage, which was completing online interview in January. Afterwards, I was invited to the assessment centre in London which happened in February and in March I finally received a job offer.

I would say that the key thing in the application process is to keep your focus only on a few companies and tailor each of your applications to the particular position to the extent when you would not be able to submit it to any other position at any other company. It was the approach that worked perfectly for me. I heard of some examples in which people applied to tens of companies for over 100 positions and ended up with no job offer. Meanwhile, it seems much easier to me to apply to 2/3 companies of your choice for 6 – 8 dream positions, at the same time making sure that each of the application is unique, presents a true yourself and shows that this is exactly the job that you want to do. This and no other.

In terms of my day to day responsibilities at Warner Media, they are quite tough to describe, as usually, they are very diverse. My role is mostly about running TV and digital campaigns for agencies and clients such as Nintendo or Disney, as well as preparing weekly updates and reports to track campaign delivery. I also assist with preparing presentations, proposals, post-campaign analysis or building orders for digital campaigns. We constantly collaborate with Warner Bros. on the management of multinational campaigns. For instance, we are currently working on the Space Jam campaign, at the same time also cooperating with Sony Pictures running Peter Rabbit campaign. I frankly enjoy this part of my job as it involves working with many local teams in numerous different countries across EMEA. When creating media plans, I have to make sure that ad spots and digital impressions are correctly scheduled in line with the agreed budgets and industry regulations.

Even though the whole placement has been running remotely, I am convinced that this year had a great impact on my self-awareness, as well as on the plans regarding my future career. I truly enjoy creative environments where I can build on the innovative ideas. This is one of the reasons I would love to see myself working for Warner Media in the future. However, I think I would prefer to try myself at a more creative department, such as Production or Creative Services. Nonetheless, I am extremely grateful for all the experience I gained when working for the Ad Sales team. I managed to self-develop and I am certain that most of the things that I have learnt during this year will be very useful once I graduate from the university.

To summarise, it has been a wonderful year, mostly due to the excellent team that I was working with, as well as my managers who gave me autonomy and trust that are essential for me in the workplace. Following up on that, they created an amazing atmosphere - even though I was working from home for the whole year, they still managed to make me feel like a valuable member of the team, whose opinion is always appreciated and taken into consideration when making decisions. They left me the space to be independent and allowed me to work without close supervision at the same time making sure that I am comfortable with asking for help if needed.

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