Making the leap: Webinar about the transition to university

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The Department of Sociology and the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion are pleased to jointly announce the next in our In the next in the In Conversation online webinar series, focusing on the challenges of transitioning from school to university. The event will take place on Thursday 27 May, from 5pm to 6pm and is open to anyone thinking of studying at Lancaster University.

Transitions from school to university are always challenging but during the Covid-19 pandemic they can seem more overwhelming than ever. Without the usual milestones like exams it can be hard for students to know what to expect in their final year, or how to make sure they are ready for the big move from school to higher education. In this conversation, teachers, lecturers and current university students will discuss common concerns that students might have as they prepare for their first year at university and reflect on their own experiences of this transition. 


How does subject knowledge fit into these transitions? How do discussions in the media help or hinder transitions? What can students expect from their first year studying at university, and what do they need to do to be well prepared despite an unsettled finish to their secondary education?

Confirmed panel members include:

Ben Hewitson, Head of Sociology at Kesgrave High School, host of the All Sociology: take 1 Podcast

Dr Mark Garnett, Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion

Dr Allison Hui, Department of Sociology

Fiona Unsworth, Sociology student, Lancaster University

Sarah Wheatley, Sociology teacher, Kesgrave High School

Free to attend - registration required. Please book here


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