Industrial Problem Solving Day: JBA

Monday 22 July 2024, 9:00am to 5:00pm


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This event is only for STOR-i students.

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Generating and evaluating bare earth Digital Terrain Models

Elevation data are fundamental to many applications, especially in geosciences. The latest satellite-derived global elevation data contains forest and building artefacts that limit its usefulness for applications that require precise terrain heights, in particular flood simulation. At JBA, we have been using machine learning to remove buildings and forests from the Copernicus Digital Elevation Model to produce a bare earth Digital Terrain Model at 1 arc second (∼30 m) grid spacing and we want you to improve it. We seek your expertise in statistics to evaluate the model's performance, identify areas for enhancement, and propose and prototype potential improvements.


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Name Kim Wilson

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On the bottom floor of the PSC, the LT at the end.