Dr Giovanni Bettini


Research Overview

My research primarily revolves around global climate politics and environmental security, with a special focus on the issue of climate-induced migration (see my PhD thesis).

I’m also interested in the genealogy of the discourses (e.g. sustainable development, resilience, the Anthropocene, Planetary Boundaries, etc.) that populate the landscape of environmental politics, as well as in the underlying ontological conceptualizations of nature/environment.

I am active in the European COST Action IS1101 on Climate change and migration: knowledge, law and policy, and theory.


  • Global climate politics
  • Climate-induced migration
  • Environmental/climate security
  • Political ecology and Political geography
  • Migration Studies
  • Critical social/political theory

Climate migration as an adaption strategy: de-securitizing climate-induced migration or making the unruly governable?
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(In)convenient convergences: "climate refugees", apocalyptic discourses and the depoliticization of the debate on climate-induced migration
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