Environmental Science pathway

Leading to MSc International Innovation (Environmental Science)

This pathway provides a foundation in the areas of technology, design and management, complemented by a specialist focus on environmental science.

Year 1

Term 1: October to December

After the welcome week you choose three of the following modules:

Together with students on the other pathways, you also take a module on design:

Term 2: January to March

You choose a further three specialist modules, selected from the following:

Together with students on other pathways, you also take: 

Term 3: April to July

During this term you apply your knowledge and skills to the first of  your company project, working on behalf of an industrial partner or partners in the UK. Projects will vary, but will be focused on R&D collaboration, business development or commercialisation.

Non-Chinese speakers will also take the following 30-credit module:

Those already fluent in Chinese will take the following two modules:

Year 2

Terms 1 & 2: October to March

During this year, you spend six months working in China on an in-depth project for an industry partner. It is anticipated that most of the projects will be based in or around the city of Guangzhou. The the projects will take place in the first and second terms of Year 2.

Term 3: April to July

During this term students may return to Lancaster University to write up their company project assignment, reflect on their experiences in China and attend careers-focused seminars and workshops.