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About the Department

As a department, we deliver outstanding work in the fields of entrepreneurship, strategic management, leadership and family business. Our strengths are drawn from close alignment of research, education and business support in these key academic fields and from the continuous 'real world' feedback received through interaction with the business community. This ensures that our activities are always up to date, focused and precisely matched to the needs of students, businesses and the wider community. A large number of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiRs), who regularly mentor and support our students, provide real-life cases to inform learning

We also engage regularly with a wide range of businesses from small and medium enterprises to the largest multinationals. Our programmes are therefore based on cutting-edge research and deep engagement with management practices.

Teaching and Research

Within this department, we offer a range of study options at undergraduate, Master's and PhD level along with pioneering research and business partnerships that inform all aspects of our teaching.

  • Undergraduate

    Develop your entrepreneurial skills with our multi-dimensional undergraduate programmes, paving the way for a successful career or new business venture.

  • Master's

    Our Master's programmes will help you gain the skills, characteristics and knowledge to drive innovation in an organisation or start your own company.

  • PhD

    Our PhD community is an integral part of the departmental research community and we recruit the finest calibre PhD students from across the world.

  • Research

    As a department, we invest heavily in a research-related infrastructure and aim to create an environment which is supportive and productive, allowing ideas to flourish.

Engaging with Business

With 20 years of experience of working with SMEs, Lancaster University can set an example for other HE Institutions of how to be involved in regional entrepreneurial ecosystems.

In this article for 54 Degrees, Professor Sarah Jack looks back at two decades of engagement.

A university at the heart of the region

Our Expertise


Our mission is to research and teach entrepreneurship in a useful way. We know that entrepreneurship is a change maker, but understand it works in different ways. Entrepreneurship as much more than new small businesses, it is the means for solving social and economic problems and is informed by our research.

The quality of our research is reflected in our outstanding and long-established reputation. Our work is informed by our close and very live connections to entrepreneurs, including our network of more than 50 Entrepreneurs in Residence at LUMS. They share their experiences with staff and students to ensure that our work is grounded in reality. Through our research, we know how entrepreneurship creates socio-economic opportunities and we understand how individuals, companies and communities can benefit from informed entrepreneurship. We appreciate the processes and how context matters in the practice of entrepreneurship, so we see entrepreneurship not just as an economic function, but one that is embedded in how people live their lives. To find out more, please visit our research page.


Strategic Management

The Strategic Management research group is an internationally recognised team of scholars. The group is deliberately pluralist, both methodologically and theoretically, and addresses some of the most fundamental challenges faced by organisations today. Read about our current research.



The department is host to the Academy for Gender Work and Leadership, a research group connecting scholars and developing collaborative networks with policy-makers and practitioners through ground-breaking and impactful research. Our academics are engaged in a wide range of diverse projects from examining how media affects the way we think about leaders, to gender diversity in the police.


Latest News


The Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy runs a series of events throughout the year. For past events, please visit our Events Archive.