Study Pathways

Our pathways are the core subjects that you can combine to make your own unique Natural Sciences degree.


Choosing from diverse modules in Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Ecology and Field Biology you will study using first class facilities and learn from some of the best academics in the UK.


Choose between modules in Chemical Synthesis and Structure, Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Measurement and Analysis, and take advantage of the new £26 million Chemistry facilities.

Computing and Communications

Choose a module in Computer Science, from one of the UK's leading Computing and Communications departments. The module covers storage and usage of data and digital media.


Housed in the state-of-the-art Engineering building, our Electrical or Mechanical Engineering pathways will be sure to challenge your skills.

Environmental and Earth Science

With modules in Earth Science and Environmental Science, our study pathways will train you to address today's biggest environmental challenges.


Geography offers choices between Human Geography, where you will develop an understanding of societies and cultures, and Physical Geography, studying how environments change and evolve.

Mathematics and Statistics

Study pathways include Single and Double Mathematics, which both focus on pure mathematics and statistics with an emphasis on solving practical problems.


This pathway provides a working knowledge and understanding of the physics of fluids and solids, especially their thermal and electrical properties, with emphasis also in computing, experimental and working skills.


A range of topics in experimental psychology is presented to students on the Psychology pathway. Studies will be in areas such as cognitive, social and developmental psychology.