What Will You Study

This interdisciplinary MSc is aimed at students who wish to develop skills in the emerging discipline of Data Science. Building upon data science fundamentals, a variety of pathways through the MSc are available and allow students to choose from a range of elective modules according to their skills, interests and career aspirations. Students then undertake a 12-week summer placement either within industry (in a business setting), or as part of an academic research project to consolidate their learning.

Optional pathways span fundamentals and also application areas including:

  • Business Analytics: how to gain business insight from large and complex industrial data
  • Data Mining: how data mining can be performed at scale, and in a range of application areas (eg marketing and finance, social computing)
  • Health Informatics: how to build models and gain insight to improve public health and aid clinical decision making
  • Systems and Technologies: how to build large-scale systems for answering data science questions
  • Statistical Inference: how to specify models and build a statistical framework to gain insights from data