What Will You Study

This interdisciplinary programme addresses both recent key concerns and enduring intellectual traditions within sociology and related social sciences. The core modules ground you in theory, methods and analytical tools, and options allow you to apply them to particular issues. For the dissertation you will conduct independent study with a supervisor, choosing from a range of areas similar in scope to the options offered.

Compulsory modules:

  • Contemporary Debates in Sociology
  • Research Projects in Practice
  • Dissertation

Optional modules:

Choose three; options may vary from year to year.

  • Anthropology of Cybercultures
  • Capitalism and Crisis
  • Consumer Society
  • Critical Debates in Media and Cultural Studies
  • Debates in Gender Research
  • Ecology, Conservation and Culture
  • Environment and Culture: Issues, Politics and Institutions
  • Feminist Media and Cultural Theory
  • Feminist Technoscience Studies
  • Gender and Violence
  • Gender, Sex and Bodies
  • Mobility, Society and Change
  • Policy, Publics and Expertise
  • Science, Technology and Society
  • Social and Cultural Theory
  • Visual and Sensory Culture