The 4th Windsor Summer School on Condensed Matter Theory

Quantum Transport and Dynamics in Nanostructures

Great Park, Windsor, UK, August 6 - 18, 2007

Lecture Programme Lecture timetable and programme

B. Altshuler (Columbia, NY) From single-particle to many-body localisation in disordered systems. Altshuler Lectures 1 & 2 Altshuler Lecture 3
C. Bennett (IBM) I. Quantum computation and the physics of information processing.
II. Entanglement, communication, and cryptography.
Bennett Lecture 1 Bennett Lecture 2 Bennett Lecture 3
A. Briggs (Oxford) Spins in carbon nanomaterials for qubits. Briggs Lecture
M. Buttiker (Geneve) I. Dynamics of quantum coherent capacitors.
II. Quantum shot noise correlations.
Buttiker Lecture 1 Buttiker Lecture 2 Buttiker Lecture 3
V. Cheianov (Lancaster) Introduction to bosonisation and the Luttinger liquid model. Cheianov Lectures 1 & 2
J. von Delft (LMU Munchen) Kondo effect in metals and quantum dots. von Delft Lecture 1 von Delft Lecture 2 von Delft Lecture 3 von Delft Lecture 4
M. Dresselhaus (MIT) Physics of graphite and graphene - review. Prof Dresselhaus Lecture 1 Prof Dresselhaus Lecture 2
V. Falko (Lancaster) Introduction to graphene - theory. Falko Lecture 1 Falko Lecture 2 Falko Lecture 3
S. Flach (MPI-PKS, Dresden) Localizing energy through nonlinearity and discreteness.
A. Geim (Manchester) Rise of graphene.
B. Halperin (Harvard) Quantum Hall effects. Halperin Lecture Halperin Lecture References
A. Imamoglu (ETH, Zurich) Quantum optics in mesoscopic systems. Imamoglu Lecture 1 Imamoglu Lecture 2
M. Kastner (MIT) Kondo effect in quantum dots - experiment. Kastner Lecture 1 Kastner Lecture 2
V. Kravtsov (ICTP - Trieste) Localisation in random matrix theory models. Kravtsov Lectures 1 & 2
I. Lerner (Birmingham) Functional bosonisation in application to impurity in the Luttinger liquid.
P. Littlewood (Cambridge) New condensates made of atoms and light. Littlewood Lecture
C. Marcus (Harvard) Nanoelectronics: spin qubit, noise measurements, and new materials. Markus Lecture
C. Marrows (Leeds) A trip to the spin-valve zoo.
V. Meden (Gottingen) The functional renormalization group approach to quantum dots and wires. Meden Lecture
W. Metzner (MPI-Stuttgart) Functional renormalization group for interacting fermions and application to Luttinger liquids with impurities. Metzner Lecture 1 Metzner Lecture 2 Metzner Lecture 3
H. Schomerus (Lancaster) Counting statistics of electrons and photons. Shomerus Lecture

Lecture Programme and Timetable lecture programme and  timetable

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