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Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures (MARP)

Note: COVID-19 Pandemic

Lancaster University recognises that all students will have been affected in some way by the continuing global pandemic. In order to continue to mitigate any detrimental impact on students’ achievement, whilst also ensuring we maintain academic standards so that Lancaster University degrees retain their currency over time, various educational safeguards have been approved for academic year 2020-21, including the following temporary changes to the Undergraduate Assessment Regulations (except where PSRB accreditation requirements specify otherwise):

  1. All Part I students who achieve an overall score of 9 will be permitted to progress to the next year of study (removing the additional requirements for a higher pass mark for some programmes);
  2. Final year students who fall into the degree classification boundary range will be awarded the higher classification where core modules constitute at least 40% of Part II credits, and are all in the higher class;
  3. Elements of assessment delivered in new, non-traditional formats, in which cohorts of students have clearly under-performed can be set-aside in calculating the module result (where that element accounts for less than 33% of the total for the module).

These changes, and the detail of their application, are reflected within the corresponding section of MARP available below.

Further to the changes detailed above, in 2020-21, all Exam Boards will provide a “transparency report” to be made available to students after ratification of results, to share information on matters considered by the Board, including average module marks, any scaling undertaken, module elements set aside at cohort level, and any contextual information specific to the modules considered by the Board.

NB - It is not intended that this transparency report will provide granular detail at individual student level. It will be an extract of the minutes in which module/element/cohort decisions were made which reflect adjustments resulting from the impact of the pandemic on teaching and assessment.


MARP contains the University’s policies, regulations, and procedures which govern its academic provision. It is divided up into different sections (or chapters), each of which deals with a separate aspect of the regulatory and quality management framework. Please use the links below to navigate to the relevant information. The Introductory section provides a short overview of the Manual.

Changes are made to MARP on an annual basis. A table of changes which were made to produce the current version of MARP is available as well as an explanatory briefing note on the changes. Requests for information on changes processed for previous versions of MARP should be directed to marp-enquiries@lancaster.ac.uk

If you require access to an earlier edition of MARP, or have any enquiries or comments about MARP, please contact ASQ directly. ASQ welcomes views from both staff and students on ways in which information published on its web pages can be improved.

Information on grade translations for Study Abroad programmes can be obtained from the International Office.

Partner Assessment Regulations