CMAF organises and attends ISF2022

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This year International Symposium on Forecasting was organised by CMAF members John Boylan and Ivan Svetunkov with guidance and support from IIF Business Director Pamela Stroud and IIF president George Athanasopoulos. John acted as a general chair, while Ivan acted as a programme chair. This was the first ISF since 2019 to reintroduce in-person presentations. The event was held in Oxford, UK, but was also broadcasted live over Zoom. The event hosted 319 talks from practitioners and academics and was attended by 430 forecasters in person and 180 online.

Furthermore, CMAF together with LUMS have acted as golden sponsors of ISF2022. Our contribution was widely recognised at the conference.

Ten CMAF members presented their research at this ISF, including:

  • Robert Fildes on What’s new in retail demand forecasting?
  • Ivan Svetunkov on Connecting the dots: how to make ETS work with ARIMA
  • Sven Crone on Weight Initialization for Neural Network diversity – an empirical evaluation
  • Anna-Lena Sachs on Retail analytics – Integrated forecasting and inventory management for perishable products
  • Anna Sroginis on A recommender system for forecast adjustments
  • Nicos Pavlidis on Adaptive commodity price models for inflation forecasting
  • Rebecca Killick on Online changepoint detection using forecasts
  • Kandrika Pritularga on Shrinkage Estimator for Exponential Smoothing Models
  • Congzheng Liu on Newsvendor Problems: Naive Judgemental Adjustments Can Help
  • Stephan Kolassa on Everything you ever wanted to know about forecasting in retail (and more).

The organising committee of ISF2022 would like to thank CMAF PhD students Ritika Arora and Robyn Goldsmith for their help during the event. Moreover, the following organising committee members have provided invaluable support and played essential roles in the preparations for the event: Nikolaos Kourentzes, Jennifer Castle, Mike Clements, Mike Gilliland, Aris Syntetos, James Taylor and Len Tashman.

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