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Introduction to Forecasting

Discover the first video in our educational series 'Business Forecasting Principles'. Professor John Boylan explains the basics of forecasting.

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Our centre provides a range of forecasting and analytics related courses aimed at practitioners.

Online and face-to-face

We have options for online and face-to-face, open and bespoke courses.

Get certified

We are the only centre in the UK offering a Certificate of Forecasting issued by the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF). We also have our own certificates, which are awarded at the end of any of our courses.

R and MS Excel

The courses we develop are delivered in R and/or MS Excel - depending on your needs.

Tailored to you

We can tailor a course to your needs and deliver it on your company's premises.

Email us to customise a course for you.

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Learn forecasting fundamentals

Attend a webinar

Learn about our series of free webinars 'Friday Forecasting Talks'.

Friday Forecasting Talks

Our books

More on our YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel hosts recordings of previous events in the area of forecasting. The content on our YouTube is perfect for independent learning.

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