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Speak at an event

We welcome talks from practitioners and academics alike.

Throughout the year we host a range of events, including online Friday Forecasting Talks and in-person workshops in London.

Being a guest speaker is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, network with others and gain recognition.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership

  • Fast-tracking graduates into industrial management for your company's projects

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Scheme is designed to facilitate knowledge transfer from the University to the industrial partner. As part of this, it provides academic support for the fast-track development of recent graduates into industrial management.

The graduate, based in the company and supervised by a member of the centre over a typical period of two years, works on a project or linking projects identified by the company. The cost to the company is subsidised by the KTP scheme, making it an attractive proposition to an organisation with a major development need.

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Research collaboration

We always welcome visiting researchers and are interested in collaborating with practitioners and academics.

We work in the areas of supply chain, retail demand, healthcare forecasting, machine learning, inventory management, promotional modelling and others.

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Postgraduate courses

MSc in Business Analytics

During summer term, our Master's students specialising in Business Analytics embark on company-based projects. These projects offer a very attractive way of obtaining the latest methods from the classroom and fresh insights into specific issues an organisation is facing. Each project is supervised by an experienced Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting member to ensure its success. Such projects may often lead to the recruitment of the student after the completion of the project.

The MSc Summer research projects are offered free of charge to companies.

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PhD in Management Science

Our centre has a dynamic group of PhD students who are researching various topics within our research themes.

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STOR-i training programme

The Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting has also been involved in supervision of STOR-i PhD students ('STOR'='Statistics and Operational Research'), who typically do research in companies, solving real life problems.

STOR-i is a four-year training programme consisting of a Master's of Research (MRes) followed by a PhD.