We are sad to announce the passing of Professor John Boylan

Image of John Boylan

John was a celebrated academic and Director of the Lancaster Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting, who can be credited with seminal contributions to shaping the area of supply chain forecasting, as well as influencing the lives of many, as a supervisor, mentor and collaborator. John could always explain complicated topics in a simple way for different audiences. He talked to practitioners in their language and was always ready to help to anyone who needed help. John was kind and always managed to resolve problems without conflicts. And he played a critical role in the work of the Centre. John is survived by his wife, Jan, and he will be remembered by all those who had the opportunity to meet and work with him as a talented, generous, caring and truly wonderful man.

Foresight and International Journal for Forecasting will be preparing some articles about John, so if you want to contribute, please get in touch with Michael Gilliland and Pierre Pinson respectively. Furthermore, Lancaster University has organised an online book of condolences for John, so feel free to fill it in via this link: https://portal.lancaster.ac.uk/intranet/condolences/john-boylan

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