The Centre for War and Diplomacy provides historical context and strategic analysis

About the CWD

Recent geopolitical developments – from the increasing militarisation of the Asia-Pacific to the military assertiveness of Russia and the resurgence of the nation-state – have meant that the study of warfare and relations between states has risen to renewed prominence. The Centre for War and Diplomacy (CWD) provides the historical context and strategic analysis that will inform understanding of these current global challenges, as well as those of the future. Embracing a global perspective, it pursues research into the mutually informative fields of war and diplomatic relations between states in the longue durée, in order to combine cross-chronological insights.

Based in the Department of History at Lancaster University, the CWD brings together colleagues from across the Arts and Social Sciences, including History, Digital Humanities, PPR, English Literature and Creative Writing, and LICA, and welcomes non-resident and visiting fellows from across the world.

The CWD also supports the MA in International and Military History at Lancaster, as well as a flourishing community of doctoral students, who benefit from its programme of conferences and seminars. Interested applicants should contact the Directorate for further information.