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Room Booking

Chaplaincy Centre Faith Spaces

The Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre is dedicated for use by the different faith communities of Lancaster University, and also offers rooms and facilities for hire to groups from within the University and to external organisations.

The following facilities are available for booking, and are subject to the Management of Faith Spaces Policy outlined below:

  • Quiet Room,
  • Central Lounge
  • Café
  • Anglican and Free Church Chapel
  • Roman Catholic Chapel
  • Jewish Lounge
  • Islamic Prayer Rooms

The users of the facilities and rooms are asked to ensure the following principles and processes are followed with respect to the room bookings, care of the facilities, safeguarding, insurances and food preparation and service.

Room bookings

All rooms are to be booked through the Chaplaincy Centre office. In the first instance, please contact the Chaplaincy Centre Administrator.

Charges will be reviewed annually.

The lead person for all bookings will be asked to confirm compliance with the following policies:

  • Policy for religious and spiritual matters on the campus of Lancaster University (SEC/2016/2/0177), if a religious activity
  • Lancaster University policy for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Presence of external speakers in Chaplaincy Centre space

Where an external speaker is to be present at an event in room booked in the Chaplaincy Centre, an External Speakers process - form and guidance is to be completed. This form needs to be undertaken 10 working days prior to use of the rooms to allow university approval processes to be followed. The Speaker’s form is submitted to the office of the Director of Strategic Planning and Governance for review.

Student groups booking rooms in the Chaplaincy Centre, with an external speaker, must follow the Student Union policy on room bookings and external speakers.

Care of facilities

All groups are requested to ensure:

  • Rooms are left clean and tidy after use.
  • Furniture is returned to its proper place and set-up in each room.
  • Windows and doors are to be closed.
  • Significant amounts of refuse are to be taken to the bins outside of the building.

If rooms are not left in an appropriate state then future bookings may be refused or withdrawn.

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

The lead person for all bookings will be asked to confirm that all activities have been:

  • Appropriately risk assessed.
  • That any children using the centre as part of the booking will be adequately supervised and properly cared-for at all times.

Lancaster University Policy for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults is available to guide appropriate practice on the Lancaster University campus.

Public Liability Insurance

For all groups external to the University it is required that they have public liability insurance for the activities to be carried out in the centre. A copy of the insurance certificate will need to be submitted alongside the booking form.

Food preparation and service

It is a legal requirement that all food served in the Centre is done so according to current food safety management guidelines. The Centre requires that someone possesses a level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate is present when food is served and to supervise all significant food preparation and serving in the Centre. This person will need to be named on the room booking form.

Any food brought into the Jewish Lounge must conform to Kashrut requirements (prepared according to Jewish Law).