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Vision and Themes

Cyber Leadership Symposium 5th & 6th July 2022: Being a Global Leader in a Complex World


The Cyber Security Leaders Symposium is an opportunity for individuals to come together to share and co-create a vision for cyber security leadership, whilst creatively tackling the problems of today. The symposium is a place for cutting edge practitioners to learn from their peers and experts so as to develop their own practice. We are seeking participants who are seeking to disrupt what it means to be a cyber security leader so we may be better able to respond to a complex, ever-changing, global operating environment.

This event aims primarily at facilitating exchanges of experiences in using innovative leadership practice and formalizing a network of professionals who are interested in cyber security leadership. It will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including new technologies, methods of thinking and broader global trends impacting on our security. You are fully encouraged to invite interested parties from your own networks and organisations.


  • The symposium will explore strategic leadership themes such as:
  • The Global Challenge of Sustainable Cyber Leadership;
  • Cyber leadership and what makes a good Cyber leader;
  • The level of technical capability to be a Cyber leader;
  • Ethical Cyber leadership.

Hear from a range of Government, Corporate and Academic leaders as they share their Cyber Security experiences across a range of challenging situations. Each day has a full programme that will also provide plenty of opportunities to network with peers and speakers.


This symposium also marks the launch of Lancaster University’s new part time Cyber Security Executive MBA programme, in collaboration with Templar Executives. As such the Symposium will explore the role of education and training in the development of cyber security leadership.

The symposium is an opportunity for potential MBA students to engage with the expertise, experience and knowledge base available on our MBA programme. This mix of academic and industry expertise, embedded in our MBA programme is designed to enhance a student’s leadership skills beyond what either can do alone. In turn students can have a significant impact on the development of the cyber resiliency of their organisations in an increasingly complex digital world.