Big Data in the Geosciences: From subsurface to extra-terrestrial 19 - 20 June

2 May 2019 13:20
glacier and stream
glacier and stream

The workshop will feature talks from invited speakers, but also interactive working sessions, posters and lightning talks.

Invited Speakers Include:

- Professor Sandra Chapman, University of Warwick

- Dr Dan Jones, British Antarctic Survey

- Dr Ben Booth, UK Met Office

- Dr Neil Massey, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

You are invited to give a lightning talk and design a poster - DSI will arrange and pay for the printing of your posters.

The aims of the workshop include:

·     Compare data science techniques and methods across disciplines that use big data in geophysical applications include earth and space sciences

·     Discuss computational challenges arising from collecting, storing, analysing and integrating huge volumes of heterogeneous geophysical and space data

·     Contrast approaches in integrating physical process models with statistical data-driven models

·     Run interactive working sessions on data visualisations and data-driven challenges across geophysical applications

·     Identify future directions and opportunities for collaboration through open discussion sessions

There will also be an evening reception.

Your participation is most welcome!

Eventbrite link to register:

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