Biomedical Text Mining @ Lancaster University

20 December 2018 10:57
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“Over recent years, research into biomedical data using corpora and corpus methods has moved from a small-scale activity with isolated pockets of activity to a much larger very active field, with work advancing rapidly on many different fronts in both corpus and computational linguistics.

In many areas of academic publishing, there is an explosion of literature, and sub-division of fields into subfields, leading to stove-piping where sub-communities of expertise become disconnected from each other. This is especially true in the genetics literature over the last 10 years where researchers are no longer able to maintain knowledge of previously related areas.

HG2BTM workshop aims to create a venue where different activities in corpus research into biomedical data can be brought together to explore progress in the field through inviting renowned speakers working on the fields of NLP and CL towards advancing biomedical and gene ontology research.”

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