Lancaster Medical School graduates working in the NHS

Dr Hardeep Pangli standing in front of a hospital entrance.
Dr Hardeep Pangli (Class of 2020)

"On the day we got told we were going to graduate early to start working during the COVID pandemic, I remember how surreal it felt and the uncertainty around so many different things. One of the most difficult decisions for me personally was deciding whether or not to stay working around Lancaster or to move Trusts and start working in London, where I would be going in August. The reason why this was a such a difficult decision can be attributed to how well supported I have felt during my time at Lancaster University. Although in the end I did decide to make the move down South, it is everything I have learnt and all of the skills I have acquired over the last five years that have provided me with the confidence to do that and to start working as a Doctor.


"I have always wanted to become a Doctor and when I was un-successful at the age of 18, I thought that it would never become a reality. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity at Lancaster University to study Medicine. Ten years on, I feel positive about my future career and whether in Lancaster, London or any part of the UK the NHS is one the most rewarding services to work for."

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