LUHack kicks off for the 2019 academic year

Image of LU Hack Team
LUHack Team

The Lancaster University Ethical Hacking Group (LUHack) kicked off for the 2019 academic year on the 16th October 2019. 10 students across PGR and UG hosted an introductory event for over 70 interested people who came to see what LUHack was about, ranging from first year UG to members of staff.

The event packed out the InfoLab21 foyer for an initial talk about LUHack’s plans for the year and the ethics of white hat hacking, before splitting off into multiple demos including:

  • Industrial control systems
  • Lockpicking
  • Reverse engineering
  • Web application hacking
  • Wireless network hacking

With such a large turnout, the demos needed to be rotated in groups so that everyone got to see each one, but soon after the all important pizza arrived, where 32 large pizzas were demolished in 15 minutes by the hungry crowd.

The prospective members gave glowing feedback of the event and were extremely keen to see what the rest of the year of LUHack had to offer for them. They will learn all about ethical hacking, from enumeration of a target all the way to gaining entry through exploiting various attack surfaces. As well as this there will be multiple events, competitions, and talks, externally and internally, hosted by sponsors and other industry organisations.

Next week, 23rd October 2019, will begin with an introduction to reconnaissance.

LU Hack is sponsored and supported by Barrier Networks and Xyone

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