Radiotherapy and Machine Learning for Head and Neck Cancer - 10th March - one day workshop

workshop text
workshop text

The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform to exchange ideas, raise awareness of recent developments and stimulate discussion on data oriented research into Head and Neck (H&N) cancer.

Recently there has been an overwhelming increase in research using machine learning (ML) techniques, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and data science in the healthcare sector. Some clinicians may be sceptical of these methodologies and the principles they are based on. In contrast many researchers still struggle to find and access the data they need to answer the questions that practitioners are interested in, choosing instead to base research on small open-source data sets. This is a recurring problem when bridging the knowledge gap between clinicians and researchers in statistical/ML fields.

This workshop aims to introduce clinicians to some basic ML and statistical techniques with a focus on the importance of clinical expertise being embedded into these models. This includes talks from the organisers of the Manchester Radiotherapy Machine Learning Network group and data scientists working in NHS hospitals. The need for large data sets and the ongoing dialogue required to improve and fine-tune models will also be explored. Alongside this talks from clinicians aim to highlight the current research in H&N cancer and the problems that are clinically relevant.

This workshop is open to Researchers, Academics and Clinicians in the fields of statistics, data science, Machine Learning, Radiotherapy and Head and Neck cancer.

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