Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 2023-2024

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What is an EDI Calendar?

Each year there are hundreds of awareness dates, recognition dates, and anniversaries of key moments in history to be recognised and respected.

As part of the university's work towards creating an inclusive and equitable culture for all our university staff, students and guests, we have compiled our own EDI Calendar of Recognition Dates for the academic year, focusing on a selection of dates relevant to each of the 9 protected characteristics (Equality Act 2010).

I can't see a date I expected to be on there!

Because there are a vast amount of awareness days celebrated not only in the UK but globally, we have taken the decision to be selective about those chosen. On the whole, the dates in the calendar are UK-based, or internationally recognised. You'll also find that other teams across the university are celebrating other dates more relevant to their areas of work.

Why celebrate these kinds of events?

Recognition and awareness days serve as a means to bring attention to important issues, foster positive change, and promote a sense of community and unity among those who are affected by or care about these issues. They encourage people to take action, learn more, and support causes that matter to them, ultimately contributing to a more informed, compassionate, and engaged society.

So what's actually going to happen on campus?

We can't run activities and events for every single event on the calendar, that would be overwhelming and greatly reduce each one's impact. Instead, teams and departments from across the university will be organising activities throughout the year, related to their own selections of key awareness days. To check out what's taking place across the university, head over to the Events pages at www.lancaster.ac.uk/events.

We hope that this EDI calendar has played its part in raising awareness, and has helped us all to have more open conversations and do more to celebrate difference. We know there is much more work to do to bring about sustainable and transformative change, and through a sustained and proactive approach, we will continue to make progress together.

Catherine Harrison, Associate Director of People & Organisational Effectiveness and Chair of the Staff Wellbeing Engagement Group

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