Industry experts present awards to outstanding Engineering students

The students pose with their awards.
On the photo above from L to R: Professor George Aggidis, Ryan Skeats, Daniel Williamson, Sam Mottershead, Matt McDonnell, Sam Herring, Jarred Minards, Dr Martin Yates

Six Lancaster engineering students have received Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) awards for their engineering projects. The students were nominated for the Awards by Lancaster University’s Engineering department and are given annually to reward academic excellence. The awards were presented by Dr Martin Yates from Rolls Royce who is the Chairman of the IMechE Fluid Machinery Group (FMG) at a presentation ceremony in Lancaster.

  1. Daniel Williamson - Project Prize for the most outstanding project in Mechanical Engineering – Project Title: Design and build of a small sample biaxial test-rig.
  2. Matt McDonnell – Mechanical Engineering – Best Project Certificate for the ‘Best Project’ – Project Title: Design and Build a Robot that can Crawl and Swim Suitable for uses at Fukushima,
  3. Sam Herring – Mechatronic Engineering - Best Project Certificate for the ‘Best Project’ – Project Title: Advanced Fire-fighting Robot for Fire Spread Prevention.
  4. Jarred Minards – Nuclear Engineering - Best Project Certificate for the ‘Best Project’ – Project Title: Design and feasibility for igniting and sustaining an atmospheric pressure microwave plasma using a TE01 mode.
  5. Ryan Skeats – Mechanical Engineering – Best Student Certificate – Project Title: Design of Porous Aluminium Structures for Hybrid Aluminium – Phase Change Material Passive Thermal Management Systems.
  6. Sam Mottershead – Mechatronic Engineering – Best Student Certificate – Project Title: Design and Implementation of a Pick and Place Robot Arm With Colour Recognition.

Dr Martin Yates (Chair of FMG) said "The IMechE Fluid Machinery Group was delighted to be able to present the Engineering awards to the Lancaster University students. The students presented on a diverse range of topics ranging from autonomous fire fighting robots to novel heat sinks for next generation batteries. In all cases the engineering was of a very high standard and the students presented their work in a very professional manner. They should be rightly proud of their engineering achievements which has been recognised by these awards."

Professor George Aggidis is Professor and Head of Energy Engineering at Lancaster University, a Fellow of the IMechE and Board Member of its Power Industries Fluid Machinery Group.

Professor Aggidis said: I am delighted with the students’ success and the quality of the projects they presented indicating the depth and breadth of the engineering teaching at Lancaster, with its project-based focus, producing outstanding engineers with the ability to attract recognition by both industry and academia”.

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