Professor Kamilla Elliott

Professor of Literature and Media

Current Teaching

ENGL203 Victorian Literature

ENGL204 American Literature to 1900

ENGL208 Literature, Film, and Media

ENGL301 BA (Hons) dissertation

ENGL377 Literary Film Adaptations, Hollywood 1939

ENGL431 Literature and Film (MA)

ENGL427 Victorian Literature and Other Media (MA)

Also contributes lectures to ENGL100 (Introduction to English Literature), ENGL101 (World Literature), CREW103 (Introduction to Creative Writing), and ENGL207 (British Romanticism). Teaches Project Based Learning modules for ENGL100.

Theorizing Adaptation
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Ad-app-ting the Canon
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The theory of BADaptation
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How do we talk about adaptation studies today?
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Journal article

Adaptation theory and adaptation scholarship
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Film and literature
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Unfilmable books
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Adaptation as compendium: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
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Book/Film/Article review

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Review of The Wonderful and Surprising History of Sweeney Todd, by Robert L. Mack
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The deconstruction of fundamental Christianity
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