Lancaster University student writers ‘go audio’

Hardcopy and audiobook version of Flash

When editors of a student literary journal realised coronavirus restrictions could prevent them from meeting to determine content for their next issue, they took the bold step of producing a stunning ‘album’.

The student editors of Lancaster's 'Flash,' a literary journal based in the Department of English Literature & Creative Writing at Lancaster University, rose to the challenge and created an impressive audiobook edition – as well as a hard copy issue - as a trial run.

It also enables readers, unable to access the usual hard copy, to enjoy the journal with a few extra features too. 

In the album (issue 27), each poem or flash-fiction, all by students from the Department, has become a track accompanied by music or astonishing sound effects.

Most of the tracks were recorded by the authors, with some being recorded and mixed by the editors. 

The 25-minute album is freely available on line at 

Professor Hilary Hinds, Head of the Department of English Literature & Creative Writing, said: “I'm really impressed by what the students have done here - it's a terrific initiative, and further testament, if it were needed, of our students’ boundless creativity.” 

Alex George and Benji Holmes, the Executive Editors for Issue 27, said: “The trial run went really well and we are confident this will work well for our next issue if we cannot produce a hard copy. We have had some great feedback so far.

“We had the idea for an audiobook before this all happened, but when everything started happening we decided to prioritise it.”

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